XENON – VAST Executive Lunch – MELBOURNE

Wednesday, 25 October, 12:15pm to 2pm at BottegaXENON AI Solution VAST Logo

Will Generative AI cut your lunch, take over your IT budget, change the world?

Join us for this exclusive event with the VAST Data’s VP of Systems Engineering, Subramanian Kartik. From setting up VAST’s own AI infrastructure to consulting with leading organisations globally on AI, Kartik will share his experience, expertise and enthusiastic passion for AI with you at this executive lunch.

Kartik from VAST

The conversation will be driven by your needs and interests, as we dive into the business implications of Generative AI, and peel back the reality behind the hype.

Topics we may cover include:

  • Attention Networks (Transformer) Architecture – the foundation of LLMs
  • Trends in model evolution (GPT-3/4, LLaMa, Falcon-40B …)
  • Do you need your own model? Training vs fine-tuning. Model size v dataset size. Tokenization and model accuracy. Privacy, security, data sourcing copyright and IP considerations.
  • Building private or sovereign “ChatGPT’s” in enterprise or government
  • Hardware Scaling rules for CPU/GPU – how much is needed and for how long
  • Scaling, industry standard reference architectures for LLM training and inference; evolution of data centre infrastructure for Generative AI
  • Other Generative AI models beyond text – diffusion models, genomics, protein folding
  • None of the above? Let’s talk about AI issues you are facing now

This open dialogue over a delicious lunch will explore issues of concern to you and your organisation. This valuable lunch experience is a chance to share and learn from a global expert, and a select group of CIO/CEO peers from across the city.

When:  Wednesday, 25 October

Where: Bottega, 74 Bourke Street, Melbourne 3000

Timing: Please arrive by 12:15 for 12:30 service start, to finish around 2pm.

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This event is closed. If you have any feedback or questions about the event, contact XENON here.