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Memverge Big Memory

Memverge has created a software defined memory class storage solution specifically for high performance DRAM.  Memverge Memory MachineTM consolidates DRAM and Intel Optane persistent memory into a single pool of high speed memory and presents it back to the compute layer as a single pool of memory, introducing cost savings as the persistent memory is less expensive than DRAM but with Memory Machine can appear as DRAM to applications.

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This expanded pool of DRAM is more than is available in a single server, and provides a solution to otherwise impassable compute problems:

  • Data set is too large for the DRAM, causing applications to slow down as they have to fetch and put more data in other tiers of memory.
  • Snapshots covering DRAM become too large and disruptive to run
  • Servers are at capacity limits for DRAM.

Implementing Memverge overcomes these issues and allows for innovative solutions across a range of industries, including

  • Artificial intelligence can train larger models, faster
  • Scientific research and analysis on large datasets like genomics accelerates dramatically (up to 60x!)
  • Snapshot recovery of large datasets smooths outages and disruptions

Aside from increased processing speed, the consolidation of memory with Memverge Memory Machine often reduces the number of servers required saving capex and also running costs.

Award Winning Solution

In May 2022, Memverge Memory Machine won the Bio-IT World 2022 People’s Choice Award, as well as Best in Show.  This was the first time a product was awarded both accolades, as the Director of Bio-IT World, Allison Proffitt said, “Our Bio-IT World panel of judges, as well as our community, were simply ‘blown away’ with MemVerge Memory Machine and its innovative software-defined, composable memory approach to increase analytic processing productivity for life science researchers.”  Read the full press release here.

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