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XENON WEKA logoWEKA’s modern architecture is specifically designed for the unique storage needs of today’s I/O intensive workloads. Optimised for NVMe and the cloud, WEKA powers unprecedented innovation. WEKA’s solution excels at solving the I/O starvation problem. In order to maximise your investment and resolve the GPU and CPU starvation problem, a shared file system that ensures data is available to the applications is required. WEKA delivers all the bandwidth required, so applications never have to wait for data.

Benefits of a WEKA file system:

  • Faster Insights: Flash-native file system shortens AI and training cycles; you can complete more analytics, with bigger data sets, in less time.
  • Analyse More: A single infrastructure can economically store Exabytes of data in a single namespace, accessible by all your applications.
  • Achieve IT Agility: Scale performance & capacity independently to meet changing application demands. Run on-premises, in the cloud or hybrid.
  • Minimise Admin Time: Simple, intuitive cloud management interface—one admin can manage Exabytes of data.
  • Build it Once: One storage solution manages the entire product lifecycle from data ingest to archive.
  • Reduce  CAPEX & OPEX– Minimal infrastructure  covers peak workloads, leverage  cloud-bursting to elastically grow your GPU or CPU resources in the cloud.
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