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Arts, Museums and Cultural Institutions

Modern cultural institutions manage large amounts of data in digitised collections. Making this available to the public is opening up new horizons for sharing experiences and cultural significant materials.

Expanded digital experience capabilities such as virtual reality and augmented reality will expand the arts experience to be a digitally enhanced, or even digitally native experience. The potential for these experiences is limitless – allowing arts galleries, museums and cultural institutions to deliver their collections to people in rural and regional Australia – indeed even globally. Immersive displays and audio visual materials will animate collections like never before, exposing layers of meaning and depth within the experience.

Implementing and managing the IT infrastructure required for these new digitally enhanced cultural collections is an exciting opportunity to expand capabilities and see IT investment directly linked to visitor experience.

XENON has assisted numerous cultural institutions to implement game changing IT infrastructure. Solutions include:

  • Infrastructure to digitise collections
  • Data management solutions for entire digital collections – share, protect, store forever
  • Geo-spread data for collaboration and greater access
  • High speed storage for streaming multimedia and immersive AR/VR experiences.

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