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XENON NVIDIA Omniverse banner Omniverse, Digital Twins – Hype or Useful Tools?

27 Jan 2022New Products | News

Duplicating the real world into a digital, immersive experience is a hot topic now, but does the reality live up […]


Case Studies

XENON HKU TERRACES Research Group HPC Cluster for Environmental Modelling

12 May 2021Case Studies | Higher Education

Environmental modelling of land cover’s influence on climate change at Uni of Hong Kong’s TERRACE Group is powered by a new XENON HPC Cluster with the new XENON Cluster Stack.


White Papers

XENON 5 Universities Fast Tracking Their AI Capabilities with DGX Systems Global Universities Fast Tracking Their Research

17 Mar 2022HPC | White Papers

Five Universities fast-tracking their research IT and AI capabilities with NVIDIA DGX Systems The World’s First Portfolio of Purpose-built AI […]