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Research Infrastructure

Researchers have been advancing their work with high performance computing, artificial intelligence and the tools of data science for decades now. XENON has been there every step of the way, providing the foundation in compute and data storage infrastructure which enables scientists to solve larger problems, faster.

XENON works closely with leading universities and research institutes to provide solutions which solve the complex compute issues required for modern research:

  • Implementing high performance computing clusters for data analysis work across a range of disciplines including health & life sciences, genomics, weather modelling, radio astronomy, fluid dynamics and more.
  • Data management and preservation – including back-up, archive and data protection issues.
  • Providing GPU and CPU compute power, from workstations to servers and full HPC clusters.

Services and Consulting

When universities and research institutes require additional expertise, they call on XENON.

Our team delivers individual projects as well as ongoing infrastructure management services across Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia. Individual projects have covered areas such as lifecycle planning, new cluster design, data protection and archive protocols, training in containerisation and HPC technologies. Ongoing managed services contracts are available for managing HPC clusters; performing updates, maintenance and cluster expansion; data management – backup and archive of large data sets.

XENON Cluster Stack

Making HPC clusters easy to maintain, manage, grow and expand is a key challenge for research teams. XENON has developed the XENON Cluster Stack™ to address this challenge. XENON Cluster Stack™ is a containerised framework for cluster operation and management, built on open source components in a cloud like framework that creates an agile cluster which can be better utilised by teams while also being easier to operate and manage. XENON Cluster Stack™ is available for clusters supplied by XENON, and can be retro-fit into existing clusters with XENON HPC Managed Services.

Learn more about XENON Cluster Stack™.

Success Stories

XENON has over 25 years of history in delivering solutions for researchers. From delivering the first GPU based high performance cluster in 2008, to recent clusters for environmental modelling and radio astronomy – XENON partners with researchers around Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia to deliver solutions that help researchers overcome previous limitations and solve new problems.

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Modern research practice is pushing the boundaries of information technology on a regular basis – from Cryo-EM to genomics, instruments create more data at a faster pace now. How this data is captured, processed in ‘real-time’, stored and re-analysed is critical for the success and speed of scientific discovery. XENON understands these challenges and is skilled at squeezing the maximum amount of resources out of tight grant funding limits.

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