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High Performance Computing Services

High Performance Computing systems are complex highly tuned environments that rely on harmonious peak performance of all components to maintain consistently high cluster processing. XENON Systems has a proven track record in providing managed services and on-going support for High Performance Computing (HPC) systems. Whether XENON has built and delivered the system, or if it was provided by a third party, XENON’s extensive experience across all types of CPU, GPU, storage and fabric allow us to provide an expert level of managed services and support for your HPC Cluster.

Each HPC system is unique, and similarly, XENON provides a tailored managed services solution to meet your needs. XENON will cover all issues to create a managed service contract that complements your team and provides the SLA’s and depth of expertise you need to optimise the operation of your HPC cluster.

Moving to a managed service for your HPC Cluster can:

  • Ensure greater up-time and efficient operation,
  • Provide on-demand as well as preventative maintenance and service,
  • Pro-actively monitor cluster performance and optimise your environment,
  • Work hand-in-hand with your team, expanding available skillset for HPC projects,
  • Pro-actively plan upgrades across the cluster in CPU, GPU, storage and fabric.

In addition to understanding the infrastructure requirements, XENON also has over 20 years of delivering and supporting HPC Clusters in a variety of industries across Australia and Asia-Pacific. This experience lays a solid foundation for XENON to support a range of specific software stacks that are used in these industries and understand how these software solutions interact with the HPC infrastructure.

Industry specific experience includes:

  • Research and Education
  • Health and Medical research (Life Sciences)
  • Environment and Natural Resource Management (Earth Sciences)
  • Physics, Chemistry and Material Sciences
  • Universities
  • Financial Services
  • Government agencies (including Defence)
  • Oil and Gas
  • Utilities (including Telcos)

Explore Managed Services for your HPC Cluster

XENON HPC managed services can transform your on-premise infrastructure into a cloud like on-demand service. Contact XENON today to explore how managed services can work for you.

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