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XENON offers a range of networking solutions. These include Ethernet technology as well as InfiniBand, and solutions for software defined networking and Open Network protocols.

Ethernet is undergoing a speed revolution, and is no longer confined to 1 or 10Gb/S speeds. XENON is pleased to offer the latest in high speed Ethernet, including the latest NVIDIA Networking 200Gb/s switches*.

InfiniBand remains the network of choice for lowest latency and highest through-put. InfiniBand switches and network speed has also increased dramatically in the past few years and XENON is pleased to offer the latest in high speed InfiniBand switches, cables and NICs.

Many organisations are looking to upgrade their legacy networks to make the most of high speed inbound traffic from the NBN, as well as increased needs from users and connected devices. Contact XENON today to scope out your needs and plan your next network that will meet your needs today and in the future.

* Mellanox rebranded as NVIDIA Networking after the acquisition of Mellanox by NVIDIA in 2020. The NVIDIA Networking division also include Cumulus solutions, also purchased in 2020. Read more about the NVIDIA acquisition of Mellanox. 

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