• High Frequency Trading solutions require the highest reliability and speed at the lowest latency.

    Don’t compromise on the critical infrastructure that drives trading profits.

Create Rock Solid Trading Infrastructure

The trading compute infrastructure is where trading ideas and programs meet the market. This interface is critical, and must perform as tested 24×7. XENON understands the demands of high performance infrastructure and all XENON eXtreme HFT servers are run up and extensively bench tested and run-in at our production facility in Melbourne for ten days at higher than normal data centre temperatures. This rigorous quality assurance process results in overclocked servers that deliver the promised speed day in day out for years.

XENON eXtreme HFT Servers feature a custom designed chassis for optimised airflow over a proprietary liquid cooling system. Custom BIOS delivers reliable overclocked performance. Our sixth generation servers feature the latest Intel Core i9 CPUs with range of cores, performance, and connectivity options.

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Develop FPGA Systems

Creating an FPGA strategy? XENON eXtreme HFT Servers have been tested with the latest range of XILINX Alveo FPGA cards, as well as other leading FPGA cards. HFT trading with FPGAs in an overclocked server delivers the best of both worlds, and allows traders to optimise workflows between CPU and FPGA.

XENON also has partnerships with leading FPGA software solution providers including Celerix, who can help you accelerate your FPGA trading programs.

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Deploy High Performance Computing Clusters for Faster Quant Analysis

Financial trading relies on high performance computing for quantitative analysis, model testing and Monte Carlo simulations.

XENON has been delivering high performance computing solutions since 1996, from the earliest GPU clusters in Australia to the largest and most complex solutions in the National Computing Infrastructure.

XENON has delivered a number of HPC clusters for trading firms.

From compute and GPU nodes, to networking and storage, and install and on-going management of clusters – XENON can assist your team to build the most powerful and efficient HPC cluster.

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Go Global

Looking to move into new markets? XENON can help! XENON has existing relationships with local partners in major exchanges all around the world. XENON can help deploy servers and get systems up and running faster.

XENON eXtreme Servers are used in major markets around the world. Local after sales support in Australia from XENON and in Greater China, Hong Kong, Korea, India, Japan, Taiwan, USA and Europe from local support partners and distributors.

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