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HPC Clusters

Great new things come from XENON High Performance Computing clusters.

Experience a turnkey HPC solution from design to delivery. Expand your team with XENON managed services delivering implementation and ongoing cluster management services. XENON provides clusters from 4 to 1,000+ nodes with high performance networking and storage for a complete solution.

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XENON Cluster Stack

Modern software architecture enables the flexible, agile, HPC cluster.

XENON Cluster Stack™ deploys open source components, containerisation and virtualisation to create a management stack that makes HPC clusters easy to maintain and expand, without vendor lock-in. XCS deploys as modern infrastructure-as-code enabling scripting, automation, and hybrid cloud architectures.

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HFT Trading Infrastructure

Rock solid infrastructure is the foundation of modern trading firms.

XENON eXtreme HFT Servers are designed from chassis up for sustained overclocked performance. XENON eXtreme FPGA servers deliver best of breed FPGA and overclocked CPU performance. Delivered globally, XENON eXtreme servers are the foundation of trading infrastructure in all the major global markets.

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Across a wide range of disciplines, XENON customers live to do Great New Things.

XENON customers are at the forefront of their field, leading innovations that change our world.

From Arts to Research, Defence to Higher Education, Government to Financial Traders, and Media and Entertainment  … XENON customers lead their fields with disruptive solutions that define the future of their industries, as well as society.

XENON joins our customers in this journey, providing the IT infrastructure that enables innovation.

For over 25 years, XENON has introduced a range of new technologies and the skills to implement these with customers to create world leading solutions. From the introduction of GPU computing to Australia in 2008, to building the largest, fastest, greenest High Performance Computing clusters – XENON is a valued partner who brings out of the box thinking, innovation, and a results orientated focus to our customers.

Are you ready to do Great New Things? XENON is ready to take that journey with you. Contact us today to get started!

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