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HFT Networking

High performance switching, with the lowest latency possible, is critical for High Frequency Trading systems. All parts from network cards in the servers, through cabling and the switches themselves must be optimised for the environment and extreme performance.

XENON is proud to represent an exclusive range of high performance, low latency switching options for your HFT solution. The brands we recommend include:

  • Arista Switches. Arista’s award winning platforms range in speed from 10 to 100 Gb/s and redefine scalability, agility and resilience. Arista delivers the most efficient and best performing Ethernet platforms as well as FPGA enabled switches like the 7130 range.
  • CSPi Ethernet Adapters. The CSPi Myricom ARC Series of adapters provides a high throughput, low-latency network interface with extremely accurate timestamping at line rate and zero packet loss.
  • ExaBlaze Ethernet Solutions. ExaBlaze supplies low latency switches and network interface cards. ExaBlaze provides a full range of switches – the Exalink Fusion range, and the ExaNIC range of network adapter cards.
  • Meinberg time servers. Meinberg are the leading providers of professional time and frequency synchronisation tools. From their microSync and LANTIME solutions are fully redundant, versatile time solutions.
  • Mellanox Switches and Adapters. Mellanox adapters and acceleration software deliver high performance on mainstream open source solutions and often highly accurate sub-microsecond time synchronisation. Mellanox is the worlds largest provider of high performance Ethernet switches and adapters.
  • Metamako Switches. Metamako’s MetaConnect’s high performance signal recovery and regeneration makes it possible to use a range of lower cost SFP’s and achieve quality results.
  • MRV Communications provides mutliplexing and DWDN solutions. MRV Fibre redefines ultra low latency, high capacity optical transport for high frequency trading.
  • Solarflare Ethernet. Their 10GbE server adapters and OpenOnload application acceleration middleware allows you to utilise your existing Ethernet infrastructure and achieve the absolutely lowest latency possible.

When combined with XENON’s range of overclocked eXtreme HFT Servers, you have an HFT solution designed from end to end for highest performance and lowest latency.

Contact XENON today to start architecting a HFT solution that will outperform for you today, and into the future!

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