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XENON NVIDIA Spectrum 4 banner
XENON NVIDIA Spectrum 4 banner NVIDIA Spectrum-4 – End-to-End 400Gb/s Networking

21 Apr 2022

NVIDIA Spectrum-4 networking platform delivers end to end 400Gb/s speeds and includes new line of switches, NICs, DPUs, and network software.


XENON VAST Ceres 1RU banner
XENON VAST Ceres 1RU banner VAST Data New 1RU Ceres Solution

21 Apr 2022

VAST Data’s new Ceres 1U storage node has up to 675TB flash storage and enables new levels of speed, modularity, and data centre efficiency. Review the details of this revolutionary new release here.


XENON NVIDIA DGX H100 DGX H100 – Advancing AI

19 Apr 2022

NVIDIA DGX H100 is the fourth generation DGX delivering advanced AI performance and agility. Learn more about key features of the DGX H100.


Graphcore’s New 3rd Gen Bow AI System

14 Apr 2022

Grpahcore’s latest intelligent processing units (IPUs) deliver massive increase in artificial intelligence processing power.


XENON NVIDIA Omniverse banner
XENON NVIDIA Omniverse banner Omniverse, Digital Twins – Hype or Useful Tools?

27 Jan 2022

Duplicating the real world into a digital, immersive experience is a hot topic now, but does the reality live up […]


XENON Memverge Big Memory Solutions banner
XENON Memverge Big Memory Solutions banner XENON Offers MemVerge Big Memory Solutions

09 Dec 2021

MemVerge is a software defined memory solution which aggregates DRAM and Intel Optane Persistent Memory – presenting it back to […]


XENON partners with Graphcore banner
XENON partners with Graphcore banner XENON Partners with Graphcore

08 Dec 2021

XENON partners with Graphcore to bring Intelligence Processing Units to Australia/New Zealand. Learn how IPUs accelerate ML/AI workloads.


XENON NVIDIA GTC 2021 Banner NVIDIA GTC Highlights – November 2021

15 Nov 2021

NVIDIA GTC November 2021 wrapped up last week, with a focus on AI software and solutions and a number of […]


XENON Ultrium LTO9
XENON Ultrium LTO9 LTO9 Capacity Reaches 45TB – Latest Updates – Shipping Soon!

09 Sep 2021

LTO9 delivers 18TB raw, 45TB compressed capacity, and will be available in 2021. Plan now for your capacity archive and ransomware protection storage.


NIVIDA Ampere Architecture GPU Range Explained

31 May 2021

NVIDIA Ampere Architecture GPUs provide a range of acceleration options for workloads from HPC to graphics, enterprise and edge applications.