Computer processors started with the Central Processor Unit (the CPU). Now, processor units have been designed specifically for the applications and data types involved. Choosing the right combinations of processor types will greatly accelerate your applications as you apply the right tool to the right job.

XENON supplies a range of the latest processor unit types, including:

  • CPUs systems built with AMD, Intel, and ARM CPUs.
  • DPU – Data Processing Unit – processing at the edge, in the network interface cards. Leading providers are NVIDIA, Intel, and AMD.
  • FPGA’s – Field Programmable Gate Array’s – leading supplier Xilinx is now part of AMD.
  • GPU – Graphics Processing Unit – accelerators for graphics rendering as well as parallel processing data in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML). Available from NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel.
  • IPU – Intelligence Processing Unit – developed by Graphcore the IPU is specifically designed for AI/ML.

Learn more about the specific offerings in these areas or contact XENON today to discuss your requirements.

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