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Xilinx FPGA Accelerator Cards

XENON Xilinx logoXilinx® FPGA Accelerator Cards provide optimised acceleration for compute workloads in high frequency trading, algorithmic trading, and quantitative analysis.

XENON has partnered with Xilinx®  to bring their range of Alveo™  FPGA Cards to our HFT customers. These cards feature:

  • Xilinx UltraScale+ architecture
  • 100 Gbps networking I/O
  • PCIe Gen 4
  • HBM memory
  • Low power draw at 75 watts

The Xilinx platform also delivers a ecosystem of applications and development tools, to further optimise your trading and data analytics acceleration. With Xilinx FPGA cards you are able to maximise performance as workloads and algorithms evolve through reconfigurable fabric, making an FPGA solution much more flexible than fixed architecture alternatives.

XENON represents the full range of Xilinx solutions and can work with you to build a custom server to meet your specific application requirements. Contact us today to get started.

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