HPC Cluster Management

XENON Systems provides a full range of service and support options tailored to your HPC Cluster to help you Do Great New Things, from set-up through to on-going management.

Our new systems include pre-delivery installation and testing of all components at XENON’s production facility prior to delivery on site, including items such as:

  • System burn in and testing to eliminate any DOA’s,
  • Server and node labelling,
  • Cable labelling,
  • Rack planning,
  • Network setup,
  • Storage configuration and setup,
  • Applying any customer specific customisations.

Provisioning new HPC systems includes:

  • Assembly of racks and other components,
  • Re-establishing server, storage and network setup,
  • Overall testing and bench-marking,
  • Removal of any packaging if required,
  • Training and knowledge transfer,
  • Handover and acceptance.

XENON also provides on-going HPC cluster management. This can be tailored to specific environmental and contextual requirements, with service level agreements tailored to your specific operational requirements.

XENON’s HPC cluster management services help maintain the highest level of system availability and productivity over the lifecycle of your cluster. Specific service packages will be tailored to meet customer requirements, and can include:

  • Managing hardware issues and support with vendors,
  • Managing the software stack, including patching and up-dates,
  • Monitoring job queues and resource allocations,
  • Monitoring and managing storage allocations,
  • Implementing data management protocols for archiving,
  • Pro-active maintenance and service scheduling,
  • Planning and implementing staged upgrades and capacity increases.

XENON provides HPC cluster management services for new and existing HPC clusters. XENON’s breadth of experience across all the major HPC hardware and software allows us to provide you with independent expert advice in the operation of your HPC cluster.

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