Community Contributions

XENON actively supports organisations and community groups who share our values.  Our initiatives assist individuals and groups to achieve great new thing within the area they work and or live in.

Some of the organisations and charities that XENON supports are featured here.

Carbon Neutral

XENON, in conjunction with Carbon Neutral has addressed the challenges of climate change via its Biodiverse Reforestation Carbon Sink Projects. Carbon Neutral is Australia’s largest Biodiverse Reforestation Carbon Sink developer and XENON has been supporting this wonderful environmental initiative since 2008. All trees and shrubs are planted in degraded areas of the Australian wheat belt.

XENON Carbon Neutral sponsorshipThese trees will provide direct benefits such as: wind breaks, reducing soil erosion, helping combat salinity, improving biodiversity, creating habitat and improving the environmental sustainability of regional Australia.

“Climate change is now widely regarded as one of the most serious challenges the world faces,” said Vita Calabrese, People and Culture Manager at XENON Systems Pty Ltd. “It has reached a tipping point and we all need to be proactive. This program is a wonderful way to get involved.”

To further aid climate change mitigation efforts, XENON collaborates with hardware manufacturers, such as Supermicro and Intel, who optimise their hardware product designs to minimise CO2 emissions.

For more information about Carbon Neutral’s Trees for Rehabilitation visit:


Monash Motorsport

Monash Motorsport is a student-run team who compete in the largest Engineering Design Competition in the world. XENON has been a proud supporter since 2018 and has provided Monash with NVIDIA Jetson TX2 and Xavier Development kits. This AI technology supports their development of Autonomous Machines which enhance the efficiency of the Driverless vehicle’s perception algorithms. This results in a safer, more reliable and higher speed of autonomous driving.

Monash Nova Rover

Monash Nova Rover are a team of university students designing, fabricating, and testing the next generation of Mars rovers in Melbourne – whilst inspiring future generations along the way. XENON helped revamp their rover design by providing an NVIDIA Jetson TX2 development kit. The GPU, computer vision and deep learning capabilities of the Jetson is being used for autonomous missions, where neural networks are deployed to accurately detect and identify objects in the field.

RMIT Racing

XENON has supported RMIT’s Formula SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) team with HPC computing clusters. RMIT Racing is a 130-student strong, completely student run team who design, engineer and manufacture an open wheel formula style race car to compete in the Formula SAE Competition, which is held locally and also internationally under internationally set rules.

XENON RMIT Racing bannerThe SAE Australasia competition takes place each December. The RMIT Racing team has an impressive history with a world championship victory in 2007 and are Australia’s longest running Formula SAE team, celebrating their 20th year in 2019. The team allows its members the opportunity to connect the dots between the classroom and the racetrack by providing them with practical engineering opportunities that prepare them for life in the workforce. Learn more about XENON and RMIT Racing.

XENON Bragg Cluster Sponsorship

XENON  designed and delivered the “Bragg” cluster at CSIRO in Canberra. Bragg was named after Adelaide father-and-son physicists Lawrence and Henry Bragg, Australia’s first Nobel Prize winners. It was improved and upgraded multiple times since its initial installation in 2009. Most recently, the Bragg cluster consisted of 128 compute nodes with 3 NVIDIA Tesla K20m GPUs each. In November 2014, the LINPACK performance of the cluster placed it among the world’s fastest supercomputers at #154 on the TOP500 List and #11 on the Green500 List.

After its decommissioning in 2017, XENON  and CSIRO worked together and developed the XENON / CSIRO GPU Computing Support Program, which provides the compute nodes in support of research projects and GPU computing in Australia.

Current sponsorship projects utilising the Bragg Clusters include:

  • RMIT Electric Racing Formula SAE Team- Formula Student competition
  • School of Engineering, Deakin University – The simulation of turbulence in wind turbine wakes and aircraft wakes and the visualisation and rendering of said simulations.
  • School of Engineering, Deakin University – Control of the Continuum Robot