Storage - Data Management, Backup, Archive

For organisations of all sizes, significant value and IP resides in their Data. How it is managed, safe-guarded, and archived is critical for preserving business value as well as business continuity.

Data Management is a category of solutions for data protection, back-up, archive, and also data optimisation to minimise underlying storage infrastructure costs.

XENON works with organisations of all sizes to implement data management solutions. XENON does this across a range of storage options, as well as data protection options both hardware and software driven. Critical decisions around:

  • Location of data (centralised, remote offices, hub-and-spoke arrangements etc),
  • Type of data being protected (structure, unstructured),
  • Retention time-frame,
  • Backup windows and time to process,
  • Off-site, air-gap and redundancy considerations for protection against intrusion, malware and ransomware,
  • Legislative requirements and data sovereignty,
  • Retrieval and recovery requirements.

By understanding your data workflow and requirements, XENON can tailor a data protection strategy, hardware and software solution that will meet your objectives and provide lasting protection for the valuable data in your organisation. A well crafted strategy will allow your data to be protected, with a predictable cost base and growth plan as your data grows.

XENON also offers managed services for on-premise, hybrid cloud and remote infrastructures, making deploying a fully operational data protection solution easy.

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