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Storage - File Systems & Software Defined Storage

XENON provides a range of high performance file systems, like Ceph, Lustre and Weka software defined storage (SDS) technologies.

This area has been the leading edge of innovation in storage technologies in the last 10+ years.

Software defined storage works across commodity hardware, abstracting file, block or object storage actions from the underlying hardware. The result is an easily scalable architecture, that can re-purpose existing investments and provide flexible, agile performance.

Software defined storage also includes modern Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) systems, like the solutions from Versity. By moving data to the right storage tier, at the right time, to maximise storage performance, capacity and control costs. These work well as complete archive system, working with open standards, that replaces older proprietary HSM’s like DMF, SAM-QFS, and HPSS.

File systems have developed as a unique area in their own, apart from proprietary hardware lock-in. These file systems like Weka are designed to work with specific classes of hardware and are tuned to extract maximum performance, or scale or functionality depending on mix of data types between structured and unstructured.

While extremely powerful, these technologies also involve a degree of complexity in implementation and hardware selection. A XENON solution starts with a clear understanding of your data workflow, data type, and performance requirement. From there a solution of software, file system and hardware can be designed.

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