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Storage - Solutions (File, Block, Object)

Storage is at the core of an effective IT infrastructure to deliver the desired system performance. Without storage that meets needs of capacity, speed and cost, the overall system deliverables will be compromised.

Ultimately, for an effectively storage solution to meet your core business objectives it must deliver –

  • Timely access to data,
  • Protection and secure storage,
  • Resilience with no single points of failure or data loss,
  • Scale and grow with your business without fork-lift upgrades.

Depending on your data workflow, time horizon for retention, data management and backup policies, you can create a unique solution from best-of-breed options that is tailored to fit your exact needs now and into the future.

This section provides an overview of some of the Tier 1 Storage vendors that XENON utilises in building world class data storage and management solutions. You may also want to review the software defined storage solutions and file systems, and also the specific data management and back up solutions in the other sections.

XENON has deployed many storage solutions from stand alone through to integrated high performance computing environments and large scale archive storage systems. From small 10TB to 40+ PB of storage, each solution is tailored to our customer’s specific requirements to effectively meet needs today and into the future.

Tired of a one-size fits all approach to your storage infrastructure? Talk to a XENON storage specialist today.

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