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Deploy a Complete Trading Infrastructure

XENON partners with the leading FPGA solution providers to deliver complete integrated trading solutions for customers.

XENON works closely with customers to understand the entire infrastructure requirement – from FPGA to server environment and CPU speed, networking, and storage. By building a complete solution XENON ensures that all components work together harmoniously to create a low latency, high performance infrastructure.

Combing the right best of breed solutions delivers an end-to-end trading platform that provides consistent trouble free infrastructure every trading day.

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Celerix FPGA Trading Solutions

Celerix focuses on building trading systems where nanosecond level processing time can make a difference. Celerix leverages FPGA technology to enable ultra-low level latency jitter free processing. XENON eXtreme FPGA servers provide an ideal high performance infrastructure for Celerix’s hardware based execution.

Celerix offers performance engineering services that include:

  • Custom FPGA system development based on client needs,
  • Porting existing systems to FPGA,
  • Integration of commercial-off-the-shelf FPGA solutions with legacy systems.

Celerix provides Offload Engines, Tick-to-Trade Systems, and supports a range of markets across North America, Brazil, India, Japan, and Europe.

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XENON and Xilinx

XENON eXtreme FPGA Servers are tested with the Xilinx Alveo U50 FPGA Card.

Extensive testing in the Melbourne production facility at XENON ensures that the XENON eXtreme FPGA Servers perform at the promised speed, under load, with the Xilinx Alveo U50 FPGA cards installed.

Rock solid dependability and consistent reliable performance are engineered into XENON eXtreme Servers from the custom chassis through to proprietary liquid cooling and overclocking bios.

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