• Shift to a Cloud Mindset

Why a Cloud Mindset?

Cloud architectures can deliver agility with on-demand resources. This approach allows for closer managing of departmental or project IT resources with requirements. Shifting from procurement to cloud provision is a fundamental change in the provisioning of IT for end users.

However, evaluating public cloud offerings requires navigating opaque fees and service charges, and “guestimates” of what final charges will be incurred.

The XENON team have helped a number of customers to transform their IT infrastructure into a cloud based approach – using both public cloud as well as private cloud approaches. XENON has partnered with the main public cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP) and we have delivered a number of cloud focused engagements.  These have included:

  • Architecting best practice hybrid cloud solutions for burst capacity.
  • Designing on-demand public cloud HPC solution for project based work.
  • Designing and delivering private cloud infrastructure delivering on-demand experience for eResearch (read the case study here).

XENON has also developed the XENON Cluster Stack™ – a containerised infrastructure-as-code approach for HPC management which makes hybrid public-private cloud HPC seamless and easy.  Read more about the XENON Cluster Stack™ here.

XENON offers an independent, vendor agnostic approach with a deep understanding of complex HPC workloads and the management and protection of large data sets. This allows XENON to develop the best infrastructure for your workload requirements, time horizon and budget.

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