Domestic and Family Violence Policy

XENON recognises that domestic and family violence is serious and prevalent in the Australian community. While anyone may experience domestic and family violence, research shows that most victims are women and most perpetrators are men.

XENON recognises that employees may be affected by domestic and family violence. Domestic and family violence can have a significant impact on those experiencing it, and it may affect attendance or performance at work. XENON is committed to addressing domestic and family violence and supporting employees affected by it.

XENON is committed to:

  • promote a respectful and safe workplace environment that does not tolerate or excuse domestic and family violence;
  • support the retention, safety and well-being of staff affected by domestic and family violence;
  • detail the rights and responsibilities of employees experiencing domestic and family violence who choose to disclose their experience to another employee, the duty of care responsibilities of XENON and the range of ways employees can seek and receive assistance as a result of
    experiencing domestic and family violence;
  • ensure when it comes to the attention of XENON, an employee who perpetrates domestic and family violence will be held accountable;
  • support workplace action to prevent violence and promote respectful relationships for employees and their families.

In addition, XENON is committed to providing a supportive environment for employees who experience domestic and family violence via the following practices:

  • Confidentiality,
  • Safety,
  • Assist with family violence intervention orders if required,
  • Leave for domestic and family violence matters,
  • Flexible work options,
  • Gently addressing performance issues.

Version: 15-December-2022.

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