ExaLINK Fusion

The ExaBlaze ExaLINK Fusion is high performance switch and application platform. It enables you to:

  • Patch together any two ports, or fan out multicast data with less than 5 ns latency
  • Connect multiple servers to a single uplink port with 95 ns of port to port latency. Everything you need to get to the exchange with nothing you don’t
  • Switch packets at Layer 2 with 110 ns of latency, and a subset of full Layer 3 functionality
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ExaBlaze ExaLINK Fusion
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Latency - Measured front panel port to port

ExaBlaze ExaLINK Fusion

  • 5 ns (Layer 1 tap/patch)
  • 95 ns (Layer 2 aggregation)
  • 110ns (Layer 2 switching)
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ExaBlaze ExaLINK Fusion

  • Any flow through the device can be timestamped to nanosecond resolution
  • Pulse per second input for synchronisation
  • 0.2 parts per billion holdover drift with loss of external timing (with optional timing upgrade)
  • Local time synchronised by NTP or PTP
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ExaBlaze ExaLINK Fusion

  • 3 x 16 SFP+ line cards
  • SFP+ Fiber (10GBASE-SR, 10GBASE-LR, 10GBASE-LRM, 1000BASE-SX)
  • SFP+ Copper Direct Attach
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FPGA development

ExaBlaze ExaLINK Fusion

  • FPGA board installable in both module bays
  • Xilinx Ultrascale KU115 FPGA with 52 high speed transceivers
  • 48 transceivers can be directly connected to front panel ports via the internal layer 1 crosspoint
  • 4 transceivers available on internal header, for communication with adjacent module bay using optional cable
  • 288 Mbit QDR4 SRAM per FPGA board
  • 2 x DDR4 DIMM slots (low profile)
  • Thermally controlled oscillator (TCXO) standard fit. Lower drift options available
  • Optional TPM module for cryptographic applications
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ExaBlaze ExaLINK Fusion

  • Ethernet 10/100M management port
  • Industry standard serial port
  • Intuitive command line interface

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