Mellanox BlueField™ SmartNIC «NEW»

BlueField SmartNIC features the BlueField system-on-chip (SoC) — an innovative and high-performance programmable networking engine. Providing unmatched scalability and efficiency, the dual-port BlueField SmartNIC is the ideal adapter to accelerate the most demanding workloads in data center, cloud, service provider and storage environments. BlueField SmartNICs comes in different speeds, numbers of CPU cores and PCIe widths—from dual-port 25GbE PCIe Gen4 x8 to dual-port 100GbE PCIe Gen4 x16, supporting 4/8/16 Arm cores.


BlueField SmartNIC adapters accelerate a wide range of applications through flexible data and control plane offloading. Enabling a more efficient use of compute resources, BlueField adapters empower the CPU to focus on running applications rather than on networking or security processing. Additionally, as software-defined adapters, BlueField SmartNICs ensure the ultimate flexibility by adapting to future protocols and features through simple software updates.


BlueField is a Mellanox family of advanced SoC solutions that integrates a coherent mesh of 64-bit Armv8 A72 cores, a ConnectX network adapter front-end and a PCI Express switch into a single chip. The powerful SoC architecture includes a 64-bit Armv8 multicore processor array and enables customers to develop sophisticated applications and highly differentiated feature sets. BlueField leverages the rich Arm software ecosystem and introduces the ability to offload the x86 software stack.

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XENON Mellanox Bluefield SmartNIC