Performance Monitor

Today’s traders are faced with not only implementing the lowest possible latency trading server but also with the associated detailed measurement of the latency of the trades running on it. Such detailed trading server instrumentation has typically required additional costly hardware and associated support. Now, Solarflare offers the unique ability to instrument trade performance right from the Solarflare Flareon® Ultra server I/O adapter without any additional hardware.

Solarflare’s Flareon Ultra adapters with the Performance Monitor license coupled with the Precision Time license enable applications using OpenOnload® to access accurate, hardware time stamps associated with the time that frames arrived at or left the server adapter. Performance Monitor enables the ability to instrument application network performance on the server with no specialised external hardware. An example use case: financial trading firms who are concerned about how long it takes to turn around trades can obtain the time stamps they need to calculate server trade latencies on a per-trade basis.

XENON Solarflare Software Performance Monitor

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