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Cluster Management Software

Cluster Management Software

Cluster management software maximises the work that a cluster of computers can perform. A cluster manager balances workload to reduce bottlenecks, monitors the health of the elements of the cluster, and manages fail over when an element fails. XENON delivers and supports the following cluster management software options.

XENON Cluster Stack

XENON Cluster Stack logoThe XENON Cluster Stack brings modern containerised software architecture to high performance computing clusters. Using  open source components and Docker, the XENON Cluster Stack creates an HPC cluster that is easy to manage, update, expand over time.

The XENON Cluster Stack is truly open platform, and supports all processors, storage and network fabrics.

The XENON Cluster Stack is available exclusively from XENON in our new HPC clusters, and also available for retro-fit to existing HPC clusters with a XENON Managed Service Agreement.

Learn more about the XENON Cluster Stack here.

Download the XENON Cluster Stack Brochure here.

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NVIDIA Bright Cluster Manager

NVIDIA Purchased Bright Computing in January 2022, and Bright’s Cluster Management software suite is now called NVIDIA Bright Cluster Manager.

NVIDIA Bright Cluster manager supports ARM and x-86 HPC nodes, and automates the building and management of HPC nodes from edge, to core, to cloud. With the NVIDIA purchase there is tighter integration of Bright Cluster Manager into NVIDIA products, including DGX Systems and the CUDA software stack.

XENON deploys and supports Bright Cluster Manager comprehensive range of software solutions that ideal for deploying and managing HPC clusters, big data clusters, Hadoop clusters and OpenStack in the data centre and in the cloud.

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XENON xcat logoxCAT is Extreme Cluster/Cloud Administration Toolkit. xCAT offers complete management for HPC clusters, Render Farms, Grids, Web Farms, Online Gaming Infrastructure, Clouds, Data centres, and whatever tomorrow’s buzzwords may be. It is agile, extensible, and based on years of system administration best practices and experience. It enables you to:

  • Provision Operating Systems on physical or virtual machines: RHEL, CentOS, Fedora, SLES, Ubuntu, AIX, Windows, VMWare, KVM, PowerVM, PowerKVM, zVM
  • Provision using scripted install, stateless, satellite, iSCSI, or cloning
  • Remotely manage systems: lights-out management, remote console, and distributed shell support
  • Quickly configure and control management node services: DNS, HTTP, DHCP, TFTP, NFS

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