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Data Analytics

All Big Data Solutions are built and configured by XENON to achieve the best performance. Each solution is custom designed by XENON engineers to cater towards specific and unique project requirements to establish optimisation and achieve maximum scalability and efficiency.

Each solutions is designed to:

  • Simultaneously store and process large datasets in a distributed environment— across servers and storage—for extensive, structured and unstructured data mining and analysis.
  • Meet service level agreements (SLAs) while accommodating a wide range of analytic, exploration, query and transformation workloads.
  • Tailor and deploy validated reference architectures.
  • Lower costs & drive insights from your data.

XENON draws on a range of solutions across our portfolio deliver an effective and efficient data analytics solution. These solutions include Hadopp, Kinetica, MapR, and Vertica. Talk to us today about your big data challenges, and start exploring how an efficient solution from XENON can drive faster time to insights and results.

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