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Data Direct Networks (DDN)

XENON DataDirect Networks DDNDDN is a global leader in scale out data storage. For more than two decades, DDN has helped customers extract value and manage their data better, faster, and safer. Their comprehensive and seamless portfolio of end-to-end storage technologies provide an extremely flexible data lifecycle management set of tools that can be applied anywhere and at any scale. These pillars of technology can be connected together to solve end-to-end data lifecycle management challenges, enabling you to achieve peak efficiency and extract maximum value throughout the entire lifecycle of your data.

XENON works very closely with DDN to deliver and support the following product ranges.

EXAScaler – Lustre Storage

Performance and scalability of Lustre file system with enterprise features to host data and applications securely, robustly and efficiently. New EXAScaler Management Framework (EMF) provides a comprehensive framework for deployment, upgrades and configuration. EXAScaler features include:

  • Parallel architecture for high IOPS performance and low latency.
  • Standard Object and File protocols.
  • Security: Encryption in-flight and at-rest; isolated data access for secure multi-tenancy for multiple users, departments or organisations.
  • GPU integration for direct data path from storage to GPU; support for NVIDIA GPU Direct protocols.
  • Proven extreme scale to hundreds of petabytes with dependable performance.

EXAScaler is ideally suited to High Performance Computing requirements, as well as artificial intelligence and data analytics.

A³I – DDN Storage for AI

Artificial intelligence workloads at scale are characterised by high IOPS and random data access patterns across the entire storage architecture. DDN’s A3I storage architecture is fully validated and proven with the NVIDIA DGX POD and SuperPOD utilising NVIDIA GPU Direct data protocol, and the ability to provide parallel performance and low latency across very large data sets.

DDN SFA Solutions – Block Storage

DDN SFA Solutions are high performance block storage chassis featuring:

  • High density per rack unit, per system – with up to 13PB in a single rack.
  • High performance – up to 3.2 million IOPS and 90GB/s from a single 4RU appliance.
  • Highly optimised PCIe fabric and back-plane for fast, low latency data access.
  • Start small at 100TB+ and scale to 25PB, providing solid platform for long-term growth.

DDN SFA Solutions also includes DDN’s unique software defined capabilities such as SFA Declustered RAID to significantly improve rebuild times.

Tintri and DDN Intelliflash – Enterprise Storage Solutions

Tintri – T7000 range of All Flash Arrays. Fully NVMe flash storage with a choice of 2TB, 4TB, or 8TB drives in the array in a configuration of 10 or 24 drives. This delivers raw storage rom 20TB to 185TB capacity in 2 Rack Unit form factor. The Tintri VMStore range scale easily, start as small as a single array with 20TB and scale to 40PB with ease.

The VMStore range are designed and optimised for VM use and support VMware vSphere, MS Hyper-V, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation (RHEV), Citrix Hypervisor and MS SQL Server.

Intelliflash – Hyrbid SSD/HDD Arrays. DDN’s Intelliflash provides an intelligent array that optimises the ratio of SSDs and HDD to deliver consistent high performance and attractive total cost of ownership. Intelliflash arrays are ideal for enterprise workloads and entry to mid-range AI applications. In their fifth generation, the Intelliflash arrays deliver an exceptional user experience with ease of management, automation. These time saving features allow the IT team to focus on the business while the Intelliflash just runs!

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