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XENON INDUSTRY defenceDefence uses XENON’s modelling and simulation technology for a variety of purposes, such as to train individual soldiers, conduct joint training operations, develop doctrine and tactics, formulate operational plans, assess war-fighting situations, evaluate new or upgraded systems and analyse alternative force structures.

The use of XENON Image Generator technology within the Defence industry has led to the establishment of a standard architecture for defence simulations which allows the industry to meet its vision of constructing a rapidly configured mix of computer simulations, actual war-fighting systems, and weapons systems simulators geographically distributed and networked, involving tens of thousands of entities to support training, analysis, and acquisition. Such simulations train individuals to perform particular tasks, to interpret data, and to make decisions, and to help groups of individuals (tank crews, fighter squadrons) work together as a team.

Success Stories

THALES: Read more about how XENON supports Thales to deliver high fidelity for Australian army tiger helicopter simulator.

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