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XENON High Frequency Trading

High-Frequency Trading (HFT), also known as Algorithmic Trading, has become an important function within global financial markets. Trading volumes are on the rise and HFT is the largest contributor. Speed is the most important differentiator in HFT. Therefore, it is critical to establish the lowest possible latency between processing environments.

The demand for low-latency trading servers has increased tremendously since the advent of algorithmic, proprietary, derivatives and quantitative trading firms. A competitive edge is now determined by nanoseconds and microseconds. Speed is important to sophisticated market participants because it impacts the profitability of their innovative trading strategies.

Equally critical is the ability to outperform competitors during peak periods of market activity. These attributes require an agile and high-performing infrastructure that supports today’s best-execution software applications and addresses the enormous volumes and surges of market data associated with periods of high volatility.

XENON has a strong track record and long history of providing innovative High Frequency Trading (HFT) servers and solutions to leading investment managers and proprietary trading firms in global financial markets. XENON HFT solutions are used in all the major global markets, including USA, UK, Europe, China, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia.

XENON’s HFT product portfolio includes:

  • XENON eXtreme HFT Servers
  • Arista low-latency switches
  • Solarflare server adapters and software applications
  • Exablaze Network adapters and low-latency switches
  • Spectracom Network Time Server
  • Mellanox InfiniBand networking
  • Xilinx FPGA accelerator cards

XENON provides global support through on network of partners, and we regularly assist companies to set-up infrastructure in new markets in Asia.

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