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HPC Clusters

XENON Systems custom builds High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters, tailored to our customer’s specific requirements and workloads. A XENON HPC Cluster is a highly scalable, high performance system that will satisfy the most demanding technical computing requirements. HPC Clusters can be optimised for a range of workloads, including: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, eResearch, genomics and life science, Internet-of-Things, and big data analytics.

XENON offers a full range of HPC Cluster options, tailored to your requirements. Options include:

  • HPC Clusters or high performance stand-alone workstation style systems (Dev Cube and DGX Station).
  • Processors: Intel and AMD options.
  • GPU’s: Full range of NVIDIA GPU computing solutions, as well as AMD GPUs.
  • Form Factor: 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U and blade based options; Complete turn-key racked solutions are also available.
  • Fabric: InfiniBand or high speed Ethernet.
  • Storage: NVMe, SSD, and a full range of near-line and archive options.

A Full End-to-End HPC Cluster solution

XENON delivers a full solution to our customers. We can supply all the components, and we full service and support our customers pre- and post-delivery.

We include pre-delivery installation and testing of all components at the XENON workshop prior to delivery on site. This includes:

  • System burn-in and testing to eliminate any DOAs
  • Server/node labelling
  • Cabling labelling
  • Rack planning
  • Network setups
  • Storage configurations and setups
  • Apply any customer specific setups/customisation

Delivery and set-up on site includes:

  • Assemble racks and other components
  • Re-establish server, storage and networking setups
  • Test overall solution
  • Removal of any packaging, etc.
  • Training/Knowledge transfer
  • Handover and acceptance

XENON also offers on-going service and support for your HPC Cluster, which can include on-site spares, or a fully managed service for your HPC Cluster.

Cloud, HPC-as-a-Service – On-premises, Public Cloud, Hybrid

XENON also delivers HPC/AI/DL-as-a-Service – providing HPC-ops to help you move to public cloud, hybrid, and even opex on-premises managed infrastructure. XENON is technology agnostic and provides the best HPC solution for your applications, data workflow, timeline and budget. For over 25 years we’ve helped organisations harness power of high performance computing to deliver outstanding results. Find out how we can help you today.

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