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HPC Clusters

XENON Systems custom builds High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters, tailored to our customer’s specific requirements and workloads. a XENON HPC Cluster is a highly scalable, high performance system that will satisfy the most demanding technical computing requirements. HPC Clusters can be optimised for a range of workloads, including: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, eResearch, genomics and life science, Internet-of-Things, and big data analytics.

XENON offers a full range of HPC Cluster options, tailored to your requirements. Options include:

  • HPC Clusters or high performance stand-alone workstation style systems (Dev Cube and DGX Station).
  • Processors: Intel and AMD options.
  • GPU’s: Full range of NVIDIA GPU computing solutions, as well as AMD GPUs.
  • Form Factor: 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U and blade based options; Complete turn-key racked solutions are also available.
  • Fabric: InfiniBand or high speed Ethernet.
  • Storage: NVMe, SSD, and a full range of near-line and archive options.

A Full End-to-End HPC Cluster solution

XENON delivers a full solution to our customers. We can supply all the components, and we full service and support our customers pre- and post-delivery.

We include pre-delivery installation and testing of all components at the XENON workshop prior to delivery on site. This includes:

  • System burn-in and testing to eliminate any DOAs
  • Server/node labelling
  • Cabling labelling
  • Rack planning
  • Network setups
  • Storage configurations and setups
  • Apply any customer specific setups/customisation

Delivery and set-up on site includes:

  • Assemble racks and other components
  • Re-establish server, storage and networking setups
  • Test overall solution
  • Removal of any packaging, etc.
  • Training/Knowledge transfer
  • Handover and acceptance

XENON also offers on-going service and support for your HPC Cluster, which can include on-site spares, or a fully managed service for your HPC Cluster.

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