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Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) allows organisations to:

  • Simplify infrastructure management,
  • Increase resource utilisation,
  • Create fault tolerant, redundant architectures,
  • Scale infrastructure more easily.

HCI does this by taking virtualisation to the entire hardware stack of compute, storage and network. This evolution puts organisations in control of all the infrastructure resources at the hypervisor level, and these are federated across all instances of your HCI infrastructure. HCI is also often referred to as “web-scale” infrastructure as HCI was originally deployed in the larger consumer Web 2.0 businesses. This technology is now able to be easily and cost effectively implemented in all sizes of organisations.

XENON offers the best solutions from Nutanix and Lenovo for your hyperconverged infrastructure requirements. Contact us to scope our your solution.

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