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More About XENON NITRO™ Range

XENON Nitro Visual Workstations Tower Solutions

Optimised for Media Production

The XENON NITRO range of Servers and Visual Workstations are optimised for media workflow and increasing the speed of production throughput. Our products harness the power of GPU computing that enable exponential increases in computing power that delivers improvements of up to 800% over traditional CPU based computer technology. XENON GPU Personal SuperComputers bring the power of the NITRO range to individuals in a cost effective personal computer configuration.

Here are some typical media production tasks that can be improved using XENON NITRO Workstations and Servers:

  • Video Rendering
  • Modelling: 2D and 3D
  • Animation: 2D and 3D
  • High Definition HD Workflow: 4K / 8K
  • Encoding and Transcoding
  • Virtual Reality and Immersive Imaging

Different models with the right feature set for your production, broadcast and work environment.

Build for today
XENON NITRO G8 1RU 2GPUEntry level workstations are ideal for specialist production in the Corporate, Education and Workgroup media production environments. XENON’s NITRO range of visual workstations scale from a single CPU and single GPU right through to multiple combinations to meet increasing business demands. Some models come with optional rack mount kits, allowing you to have either tower or rack mounted workstation. Your investment today can scale and grow with the expanding needs of your business.

Ready for tomorrow
XENON’s mid-tier NITRO visual workstations can be configured with a dual Intel® Xeon CPU and up to 5 GPU processors to meet the growth in demand or increased workloads. Start with an upgradable machine and add extra processing power when you need it.

Customised to meet your individual needs
For dedicated production tasks with specialised requirements memory, CPU’s and GPU’s can be tuned to deliver the best performance to increase production throughput.

Consistent architecture for enterprise management
The XENON NITRO range are built on standard components to ensure that administration, patching and integration with other Information Systems is easy.

Equipped with Managed Services
If you need expertise on call XENON can provide mission critical support services to ensure your systems are operational around the clock and support is just a call away.

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