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Nutanix (Lenovo) HCI

XENON offers the new Lenovo Converged HX Series appliances featuring Nutanix Acropolis and Prism software. Ideal for all virtual applications, the new appliances are designed to simplify infrastructure, reduce deployment and management costs and improve server platform dependability. Built on the number one in x86 server reliability platforms and leveraging Nutanix leadership,the co-engineered Lenovo appliances will help customers focus on greater efficiency, agility and scalability while delivering a higher return on investment.

Simplify Deployment And Accelerate Business Value

Today’s typical data centre has multiple generations of servers, operating systems, storage and hypervisors. IT managers must juggle complex tasks while maintaining legacy hardware and software. Implementing a next-generation hyper-converged appliance can substantially reduce this complexity, resulting in significant added value over an incredibly short time.

Hyper-converged solutions powered by Nutanix software reduce the total cost of ownership of IT infrastructure by up to 60%, as validated by IDC. Lenovo Converged HX Series appliances are expected to deliver similar cost savings and business value by marrying world-class Lenovo servers with Nutanix web-scale software.


The following models  are currently available and can be customised to specific needs:

XENON Nutanix Lenovo HCI

Lenovo Converged HX Series appliances: HX3500 (top), HX5500 (middle), HX7500 (bottom)

  • Lenovo Converged HX3500 is optimized for VDI and smaller virtualization workloads including email, file & print, web server, middleware, light database and remote/branch office environments.
  • Lenovo Converged HX5500 is optimized for Server Virtualization workloads with larger capacity requirements including Hadoop big data, file servers, on-cluster backups, Splunk, and centralized disaster recovery for remote/branch office environments.
  • Lenovo Converged HX7500 is optimized for Databases and other I/O intensive workloads, including MS SQL Server, MS Exchange, SharePoint and Oracle RAC environments.

Simple to deploy, with compute, storage and management located on a single node, the Lenovo Converged HX Series enables customers to simplify data center infrastructure and pool resources for more efficient utilization. Starting with as few as three nodes, the HX series is capable of immense scalability as needs grow.

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