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NVIDIA Edge Platforms (Jetson, Orin)

NVIDIA Edge computing devices are the world’s leading platform for GPU-accelerated parallel processing in the mobile embedded systems market. They deliver high-performance, low-energy computing for deep learning and computer vision, and the variety of form factors and I/O interfaces make NVIDIA Edge devices the ideal solution for compute-intensive embedded projects. NVIDIA edge devices run the same NVIDA CUDA stack ensuring full portability of models trained in the data centre to your edge device of choice. From research, development, prototype engineering and full deployment a range of NVIDIA edge devices will support each step of your journey taking AI to the edge.

XENON NVIDIA Jetson devkit modulesNVIDIA Jetson Dev Kits (left) and Modules (right).

NVIDIA Edge devices are available in two form factors – a Development Kit which includes standard input/output ports like USBs and HDMIs, as well as a level of on-board storage. Modules strip away the input/output ports and are designed to slot into PCIe slots or computer motherboards, or custom builds.

XENON does not stock Jetson, Orin or AGX Development Kits or Modules. However, for orders or 10 or more, or special one-off projects, XENON can order these for you. Contact our team to ascertain your specific requirements, and at we can then confirm lead times and provide a quote.

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