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NVIDIA Studio platform supercharges the creative process for industry professionals, creative artists and anyone pushing the boundaries in visual computing.

The NVIDIA is a set of drivers that integrate leading applications with NVIDIA graphics accelerators. The result is enhanced application performance that accelerate creative workflows.

Architects and engineers can visualise worlds and design spaces in stunning visual simulations using GPU accelerated ray tracing – all enabled by NVIDIA Studio with Unreal Engine, V-Ray and Enscape.

Broadcasters have moved into 4k/8k workflows, and NVIDIA Studio brings high performance stream and GPU encoding to OBS Studio, XSplit Broadcaster and Twitch Studio.

In video editing and 3D motion graphics, NVIDIA Studio delivers faster shooting, editing, rendering and delivery of finished clips in Adobe Premier, Davinci Resolve, and Redcine-X Pro. In 3D animations, NVIDIA Studio accelerates AutoDesk Arnold, Blender and Adobe Stager.

For photographers capturing a digital image is only the beginning. With NVIDIA Studio combined with Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom, you can quickly and easily touch up high-res photos with over 30 GPU accelerated effects – including AI features.

Graphic design professional leverage NVIDIA Studio with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Stager to craft, enhance and deliver work faster than ever.

XENON nvidia studio

XENON builds bespoke workstations with components to match the high performance requirements of NVIDIA Graphic Accelerators. Especially power supplies, cooling and CPU/motherboard/memory must be carefully paired with GPU to ensure consistent high performance. Review the XENON GPU Workstation range or contact us today to discuss your requirements. Reach out today to get a quote on your NVIDIA Studio solution!

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