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Pure Storage

Pure Storage delivers software-defined all-flash solutions that are fast and cloud-capable for customers, enabling customers to put data to work for their businesses. Its data platform replaces storage systems designed for mechanical disk with all-flash systems optimised end-to-end for solid-state memory.

Pure Storage solutions can help with consolidating applications, simplifying integration, providing real-time data streams, and increasing productivity. Their products are ideal for consolidating data silos, creating a unified platform for sharing analytics, accelerating the continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline and enabling the automation of multi-cloud environments.

XENON can offer and advise on Pure Storage’s product portfolio, including:

  • Flasharray  the first all-flash, 100% NVMe shared accelerated storage designed for mainstream enterprise deployments.
  • Flashblade an all-flash storage product made to handle high-performance workloads, drive productivity and protect data.
  • Flashstack  a flexible converged infrastructure solution that supports critical enterprise applications and provides a platform for cloud-based management.
  • AIRI  an AI-capable infrastructure that can be scaled to meet any business needs or future innovation.
  • Pure1 – simple cloud-based management and effortless predictive support with full-stack analytics and the AI-driven power of Pure1 Meta
  • Evergreen Storage Service (ES2) is an OPEX storage-as-a-service (STaas) for private and hybrid clouds.
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