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Quantum Storage

Quantum Storage provides storage infrastructure, including high speed SAN, converged NAS, tape and object storage. Quantum also provisions this hardware with their proprietary file system – StorNext – which has been designed for high speed streaming data and large unstructured data sets. Quantum also provides StorNext Storage Manager, which provides data management and automatic tiering of data from high speed nearline storage to cheaper high capacity archive storage such as tape and object. This allows a Quantum Storage solution to balance high performance and high capacity within budget constraints. StorNext Storage manager also provides for multiple copy management, enabling redundancy and resilience in managing unstructured data which will not fit standard back-up approaches.

Quantum StorNext has been in use for 20 years, and is the dominate filesystem for media and entertainment workflows where managing 4k and 8k video files puts enormous strains on storage. StorNext also has a large footprint in other industries where streaming file system performance is critical – scientific research, IoT, video surveillance.

StorNext allows you to spend money on storage where it impacts on your business the most, and provision tiers of cheaper higher capacity storage as required.

StorNext delivers:

  • End-to-end performance for any client, across SAN, NFS, SMB architectures.
  • High performance shared file system, for collaboration for teams across town or across the world.
  • Multi-protocol accessibility: fibre channel, ethernet, InfiniBand – StorNext is truly agnostic and performs in any environment.
  • Easy to manage tiering between storage types. StorNext is renown for being a “set-and-forget” storage that automatically tiers between storage types and provides redundancy and resilience automatically.

Quantum StorNext is deployed on Quantum hardware, including:

  • Xcellis: metadata SAN head units and scale-out NAS, can be configured with NVMe, SAS and/or SATA drives with a variety of size, performance and redundancy profiles.
  • ActiveScale: Object storage for archive.
  • Scalar Tape drives: from 25 to 12,000 slots for green, low cost archive storage.

Quantum also pioneered deduplication technology in the early 2000’s, with their patented variable length deduplication appliances – the DXi. These provide the highest level of data deduplication in an easy to deploy capacity-on-demand model. They can be deployed independently, in a replicated architecture, or in a hub-and-spoke model to provide maximum flexibility and data protection. More detail on the DXi in Data Protection.

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