Catapult delivers an easy to use, high-speed point-to-point data transfer application available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms. Addressing the shortcomings of common network transfer protocols such as FTP, Catapult enables you to efficiently utilize any internet and VPN connection via its built-in TCP and UDP accelerated transfer protocol.

Providing a free alternative to existing FTP servers, Catapult allows you to significantly reduce file transfer times and manage data via a simple to use and familiar user interface. Employing the power of both TCP and UDP, Catapult offers an optimal path for any network, regardless of latency or packet loss.

Catapult versus FTP
Catapult versus FTP_Graph_03Catapult implements a fast transfer protocol which is able to saturate internet and private networks far more efficiently than FTP. Employing our unique Catapult protocol, long data transfer times belong to the past.

Built-in bandwidth management provides precise on-the-fly control of WAN utilisation, allowing for dynamic adjustment of in-progress transfers. Highly secure 256-bit AES data payload encryption is also available for enhanced security on untrusted networks. Integrated and simple to use management and detailed transfer reporting makes Catapult the ideal solution.

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