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XENON has the answers.

XENON provides cloud services for a variety of workloads and use-cases. These include hybrid cloud approaches, and full cloud native workloads. XENON’s experience and support allows you to confidently engage public cloud providers, applying correct services and technology in a cost-controlled manner. XENON partners will all the major cloud providers, ensuring you get independent advice appropriate to your requirements.

Accelerate workloads with cloud resources

Many organisations are looking to accelerate research or business workloads through accessing public cloud resources.

We offer an assessment of workloads and applications that can burst into public cloud infrastructure in a complementary and cost controlled manner. Key elements we consider include:

  • Recommending best-fit cloud provider depending on workload requirements.
  • Design secure cloud architecture which integrates public cloud resources into existing infrastructure.
  • Processes to manage end-to-end workflow including allocation of jobs, data, spin up of cloud compute, retrieval of outcomes and spin down of cloud resources to manage costs.

These short term projects allow you to quickly and easily add capacity in a controlled and effective manner. This will accelerate time to results and deploy short term Opex budgets in the most effective manner.

Cloud Services

XENON cloud services are available for defined term projects or on-going support in a managed services agreement. All scopes of work are tailored to your environment and requirements.

The range of services available include:

  • Evaluate current infrastructure options: on-premise, hybrid or fully cloud native solutions.
  • Design cost effective cloud infrastructure, levering on-premise or cloud native workloads.
  • Implementation containerisation across on-premise or hybrid cloud architectures.
  • Monitor and manage cost and ROI to optimise workload performance within budgets.

XENON offers an independent, vendor agnostic approach. We work across all major cloud platforms and a range of on-premise infrastructure offerings. This allows us to recommend the best infrastructure for your workload requirements, time horizon and budget.

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