Artificial Intelligence Project Scoping Service

Thinking about AI, but not sure where to start? Tired AI before, but your project stalled or you didn’t achieve the results you were aiming for?

The XENON team is offering a fixed price scoping consultation to assist you to get started. You will receive a structured project plan with your road map to AI, including:

  • Problem definition
  • Types of insights that can be obtained
  • Extracting value (and data) from existing business processes
  • New business processes to capture more or better data
  • AI model, hardware, skillsets and upskilling recommendations
  • Step-by-step map for moving forward, and clarification of expectations of what AI can deliver for your organisation.

Organisations taking up further AI services or purchasing AI hardware from XENON will have the costs of the AI Project Scoping credited to that next purchase.

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