High Performance Computing as a Service

HPC can be delivered as a service, and XENON Systems can help you get there.

HPC installations are often more complex than standard corporate Platform- or Infrastructure- as a Service offerings (IaaS and PaaS). However, a well designed system can deliver the as-a-Service benefits of ease of deployment, agility, on-demand capability, little or no management required, and perhaps even cost savings.

Important issues to consider in the design of your HPC-aaS include:

  • Workload,
  • Mix of CPU and GPU to optimise processing of your HPC workloads,
  • Storage and data management,
  • Networking fabric requirements,
  • Latency tolerances,
  • Software stack.

XENON considers these when designing any HPC system, and careful consideration at the design stage will ensure that your HPC-as-a-Service delivers the service you need.

In addition to these design considerations, the manner that the HPC-aaS is delivered is important and will impact on the results achieved through your HPC-aaS. These options include on-premise, cloud, and mix of hybrid architectures.

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