Docker Workshop

Docker is a helpful tool for packing, shipping, and running applications within “containers.”  Containers allow us to package all the things that our application needs, such as libraries and other dependencies, and ship it all as a single package. In this way, our application can be run on any machine and have the same behaviour.

Ideal for programmers or technically minded managers, XENON’s Introduction to Docker will help you understand some of the fundamental concepts around what a “container”  is and how it compares to a Virtual Machine (VM), what a container is made up of, how to create Docker workflows, and how to build and deploy your distributed applications easily to the cloud.

This is an 8 hour workshop and topics covered include:

  • Docker 30,000ft overview
  • History of containers, and Docker
  • Our first containers
  • Background containers
  • Restarting and attaching to containers
  • Understanding Docker images
  • Building images interactively
  • Building Docker images with a Dockerfile
  • Copying files during the build
  • Reducing image size
  • Multi-stage builds
  • Publishing images to the Docker Hub
  • Tips for efficient Dockerfiles
  • Dockerfile examples
  • Naming and inspecting containers
  • Labels
  • Getting inside a container
  • Limiting resources
  • Container networking basics
  • Container network drivers
  • Connecting containers with links
  • Local development workflow with Docker
  • Working with volumes
  • Compose for development stacks
  • Advanced Dockerfiles
  • Application Configuration
  • Logging
  • NGC Example: PyTorch

Delivery Options

The course can be delivered fully online in a COVID-safe manner utilising online delivery tools.

XENON can also deliver the course for organisations at your offices, or at the XENON training centre in Clayton (COVID restrictions permitting).

Please get in touch to learn about the next up-coming course, or organise a training session for your team.

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