Metmako MetaApp 32 is an adaptable application platform which brings intelligence to the network edge catering to the most demanding and latency critical networks such as high frequency trading and analytics.

It is multiple devices in one – performing layer 1+ switching in only 5 ns, enabling unrestricted access to an onboard FPGA and containing an x86_64 server MetaApp creating one powerful device that can be used to trade directly with exchanges.

Features and Benefits:

  • Application Platform: Develop or load applications on the onboard FPGA and/or x68_64 server bringing your application logic to the network edge. Use existing development tools to build FPGA applications.
  • Powerful hardware features: 32GB RAM, external PCI Express, board management, integrated storage and integrated 10/40GbE networking provide the building blocks for powerful applications.
  • Compatibility: Run applications developed for the MetaMux platform including MetaMux and MetaFilter.
  • Integrated layer 1 switching: Patching, media conversion, tapping, replication, packet statistics. Wire-once to reduce visits to the data centre. Use Layer 1 broadcast to implement a return path with a latency of just 5 ns and virtually no jitter.
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Model Name
Metamako MetaConnect 16
Model Name

Core Features

Metamako MetaConnect 16

  • 32 SFP/SFP+ front-panel ports from 100M to 11.3Gbps
  • Full signal recovery, regeneration and conditioning
  • Integrated, 66-port, layer 1 switch connects front panel ports, FPGA and management platform
  • 10GbE and 1GbE supported programmable FPGA for user customisation
  • 32GB FPGA packet buffer
  • Virtex-7 FPGA
  • 64GB Internal SSD

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