MetaMux 48K

The Metamako MetaMux 48K is a versatile application switch. It is optimised to run MetaWatch, a tap-aggregation and high-resolution timestamping solution with deep buffering, but may also be configured to perform layer 1 switching in only 5 ns, multiplexing/aggregation in 99 ns or filtering at 95 ns. As MetaMux 48K has an on-board Xilinx Virtex 7 FPGA it can also be used as a deployment platform for third party or custom developed FPGA applications.

Features and Benefits:

  • One device; different applications: Can be configured in tap-aggregation (MetaWatch), multiplexing (MetaMux) or filtering (MetaFilter) modes. Can be used as a platform to host custom developed FPGA applications.
  • Tap aggregation with deep buffering: Tap, timestamp and aggregate up to 30 ports into a pair of output ports with 8GB egress buffer.
  • Fast 32:1 multiplexing: Aggregate streams from multiple sources into a single stream for hand-off to exchanges, microwave links, or WAN links. Also configurable as many N:1 multiplexers.
  • Integrated layer 1 switching: Patching, media conversion, tapping, replication, packet statistics. Wire-once and remotely reconfigure to reduce visits to the data centre. Use Layer 1 broadcast to implement a return path with a latency of just 5 ns and virtually no jitter.
  • Port Mirroring: Replaces taps to monitor or share feeds such as market-data with full regeneration and no additional overhead.
  • Deterministic: Know and rely upon your system’s latency. Traffic passes through at 5 ns.
  • Flexible SFP/SFP+ support: Allows the use of less expensive modules, including twin-ax copper cables, that are boosted by MetaMux’s high performance signal recovery and regeneration.
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Model Name
Metamako MetaMux 48K
Model Name


Metamako MetaMux 48K

  • TAP aggregation - funnel your tapped ports into a single stream
  • Packet filtering at 95 ns
Model Name

Fast multiplexing (many to one) with half the latency of the best conventional switches

Metamako MetaMux 48K

Order entry switch with 99 ns latency (assuming no congestion)

Model Name

Layer 1 performance of MetaConnect

Metamako MetaMux 48K

  • Suitable for latency critical paths with 5 ns latency port to port
  • Reconfigurable without rewiring - use as a patch panel or kill switch/circuit breaker
  • Broadcasts one to many in 5 ns
  • Ad-hoc tapping without rewiring
  • Cost savings through the use of less expensive SFP+ and network media - e.g. convert fibre to copper

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