XENON Packet Capture Appliance

100% Lossless Packet Capture Up to 40GbE

XENON Packet Capture integrates both hardware and software for reliable time-stamped capture and storage of data from a variety of high-speed networks. Applications include troubleshooting, regulatory compliance, monitoring service level agreements, security analytics, network forensics, record keeping, performance monitoring and tuning.

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XENON Packet Capture

Key features and benefits

XENON Packet Capture

  • 100% lossless packet capture
  • 15Gbps sustained persistence rate (6.6 TB of data captured per hour)
  • Handles bursts of up to 40 seconds with 2x10GbE ports
  • Handles bursts of up to 20 seconds with 4x10GbE ports
  • 72 TB of storage expandable up to 216 TB
  • 2U rack design
  • Remote management
  • Dashboard GUI
  • PTP time-stamping
  • Real-time analytics of live and time-stamped data
  • Open architecture and APIs for third party applications
  • Generate alarms via Syslog and SNMP
  • Easy to deploy and manage

Additional software options include

XENON Packet Capture

  • Network Analytics Dashboard for configuring and managing multiple appliances
  • Investigator for appliance querying, reporting and alerting
  • Trading Analytics for high frequency trading and electronic investment management provides alerts, detailed metrics, and reports on network performance, latency and tick-to-trade statistics
  • Tap for tunneling of packet data from virtual machines on-premise and in the cloud

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