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HPC Cooling Solutions


Computing needs are only getting more intense as applications such as HPC and artificial intelligence proliferate worldwide. And processing demands power, which means more energy used and more heat generated. Forward-thinking data centres are now leveraging liquid cooled solutions to reduce energy use (and costs) while driving performance, value, and their competitive edge. The right cooling solution solves performance problems and reduces total cost of ownership. When cooling is efficient, systems can be designed with greater density and can maintain performance beyond current thermal limitations by remaining in turbo state for extended periods. This ultimately translates to operating more servers more efficiently at less cost.

XENON is at the forefront of this shift closely tracking technology evolution and investing in innovation.  A holistic approach is central to XENON’s philosophy, solving the whole computing problem including software and hardware layers and facilities design. It’s this broad expertise and worldview on technology that is critical to firms working to navigate the significant evolution in HPC technology and its immense cooling requirements. For more insight on how to reduce costs and increase your large-scale system performance with smarter thermal strategies, download our whitepaper or connect with one of our engineers.

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