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Seagate Enterprise Storage

Seagate is well known as an original manufacturer of Hard Drives, having started in 1980.

New from Seagate is the line of Enterprise Storage Systems – designed from the hard drive up to maximise performance and scalability in an affordable package. The line of Enterprise Storage chassis have been designed and manufactured by Seagate to create a unified system with their hard drives. This allows for optimisation of a number of critical factors including airflow and cooling, vibration and power requirements. The result is an integrated design where the drives and the chassis work as a single unit to deliver the best performance and longevity.

The Seagate Enterprise Storage range has two lines – the EXOS and NYTRO.

EXOS Enterprise Storage Systems

The Seagate EXOS Enterprise Storage System comprises three model lines, all focused on high capacity in a small footprint, limitless scalability, and maximum performance.

  • EXOS AP Series: includes compute in the storage chassis for private cloud, high density use cases and areas where fast input/output data speeds are required. The EXOS AP range is ready for heavy duty high through-put requirements.
  • EXOS X Series: these RAID storage systems are ideal for data analytics solutions, data streaming, archiving. The EXOS X range achieves high density as well as high through-put in compact form factor.
  • EXOS E Series: JBOD chassis for enterprise and private clouds, big data storage, high performance computing storage, and multi-petabyte storage systems.

Hard drives has been the back-bone of computer storage for 40 years now, and these new EXOS Enterprise Storage Systems from Seagate deliver next generation performance for modern demands of big data and private clouds.

NYTRO Enterprise Storage Systems

These all flash arrays from Seagate deliver high performance and low latency at very reasonable price points. Seagate NYTRO systems provide unique advantages, including

  • Dual redundant controls for consistent speeds.
  • Cost-optimised architecture.
  • Easy to set-up, maintain and expand – all system components are developed and optimised to work together as a single unit.
  • Built in security features with Seagate Secure.

Cloud Ready

The Seagate Enterprise Storage chassis are cloud ready. Roll them out for your private or hybrid cloud solutions, and be confident you have the scale, performance and data management infrastructure requirements covered.

Are you ready for the hybrid cloud world? Download the free report from 451 Research – Cloud Confidence Report, and assess your cloud readiness. across three key areas – management, capacity, efficiency.

Compatible, Adaptable

Seagate Enterprise Storage Systems are compatible with all major servers and existing compute environments. This allows you to grow your on-premise storage in a flexible way without vendor lock-in. They are ideal for creating private or hybrid cloud solutions.

They are also extremely adaptable, providing a flexible modular growth path. This ensures that the investment you make today in a Seagate EXOS or NYTRO will have a long lifespan.

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