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NVIDIA Spectrum SN4000 Switches

NVIDIA Spectrum SN4000 switches are based on the Spectrum-3 ASICs and support key enterprise and cloud features such as

  • Support for network speeds from 1 Gb/s to 400 Gb/s
  • Up to 12.8 Tb/s switching capacity
  • Up to 8.4pps packet processing rate
  • Deep packet inspection
  • Single pass VXLAN bridging and routing
  • Precision timing protocol
  • Advanced telemetry with “What Just Happened” (WJH) support
  • Supports network operating systems include NVIDIA Cumulus Linux, NVIDIA Onyx, SONiC, and DENT.

The Spectrum SN4000 family of switches is the 4th generation of Spectrum switches and ideal for building wire speed cloud-scale layer-2 and layer-3 networks. Each SN4000 switch delivers high performance, low latency and advanced software defined networking features.

Download the Spectrum SN4000 datasheet for full details on each model. 

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