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XENON Wasabi graphicWasabi is a specialist cloud object provider. All they do is cloud object storage, and they do it very well!

Wasabi calls their object “Hot Cloud Storage” … maybe as hot as wasabi on the tongue for your applications!

Wasabi is a universal, one size fits all workloads object storage service that meets almost all application needs in a simplified business model. There are no complicated tiers of storage or charges for puts, gets, indexes or egress.

The simplified business models comes with simplified storage – just fast, cheap and deep object that is significantly faster than frequently accessed cloud storage. With Wasabi, all data is treated equally and is readily accessible no matter how you classify it.

Wasabi is

  • S3 compatible for seamless integration across cloud compute providers
  • GUI management console for easy management of buckets and accounts
  • Highly secure with features including Object Lock (immutability), MFA and IAM (RBAC)

With Wasabi’s predictable per TB per month pricing, this object storage solution is ideal for enterprises with large and growing datasets who want a predictable incremental storage budget.

Wasabi has a local POP in Sydney Australia, and enterprise support, cross connect and replication features available to support a range of enterprise use cases. Wasabi also has other data centres around with the world which can facilitate global spread of data where required.

Learn more from their data sheet here or contact XENON today to discuss how Wasabi hot cloud storage can benefit your organisation.

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